new year goals or resolutions - colorful sticky notes on a blackboard

new year goals or resolutions – colorful sticky notes on a blackboard

Welcome to Manifesting Master!

So called “new age” spirituality is a very hot topic these days. There is much talk about the law of attraction and how to utilize it.

However there are many core errors that I think people make when it comes to manifesting desires in their life … they are:

  1. They talk about getting the law of attraction to work, yet it’s working all the time.
  2. There is no positive or negative when it comes to the universe, it’s all just the movement of energy.
  3. With the above said … the universe is not judging your desires … that is simply your belief system at work.
  4. That there is only one correct way to manifest what you desire. When it all comes down to what FEELS right in the individual.

Take love for example:

Many people either desire to manifest an ex back, or attempt to attract a specific person into their life.

Yet when they look for ways to do that, there own limiting beliefs are often reflected back to them in the form of other people!

For example they will be told that it is wrong to use the law of attraction to attract a specific person, or that it’s very wrong to try and manifest your ex back.

When instead they should use the motivation and natural desires of their mind (exactly what the mind is designed to do), and start out trying to manifest their specific desires, and seeing where that road takes them.

It is all about keeping an open mind, and being fearless to the outcome … that is what truly spiritual living is all about!

Take this video discussion on using the law of attraction to get your ex back.

For the source of this video, and to read the accompanying article to this video, visit Law Of Attraction Ex Back

Adam beautifully points out that your minds desires are natural. So are there fears. But you need to use the motivation to move forward an improve your life in order to manifest any form of love back into your life.

How About Wealth?

We are getting a bit deep into things now, when in fact we will have sections of this website dealing with each and every area of your life when it comes to manifesting.

But lets keep going and briefly touch on something that motivates a lot of people into learning about the law of attraction.

Money and wealth!

You know what the biggest stumbling block most people encounter when it comes to manifesting wealth? … there own beliefs!

Guess what, most people have been conditioned to believe that its bad to want money, or wealth … or when they start living a more “spiritual” life, material things like money and possessions are bad!

This is what limits their success in this area. Not a judgmental universe!

Life is just an expression and expansion of energy, to purely understand “itself!” … but we are getting down the rabbit hole now … we will save that for later.

Any way, welcome to the website! Stick around, as we will be getting deeper and deeper into everything metaphysical that you can think of!